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  • Pecora

    a cozy sanctuary that envelops you in softness and comfort. Like being wrapped in a warm, luxurious blanket, this sofa exudes an inviting charm that entices you to unwind and let the worries of the day drift away. The "Warm Cotton Sofa" features velvety, cotton-blend upholstery in soothing, neutral tones, creating a gentle and inviting ambiance. Sink into its plush cushions and feel the touch of smooth cotton against your skin, as you relax and savor moments of blissful tranquility. This sofa is a perfect addition to any living space, offering a touch of elegance and supreme coziness that promises to make every day a comforting experience. Create lasting memories and cherished moments with loved ones on the "Warm Cotton Sofa," where relaxation meets timeless sophistication.

    • Dimensions

      Depth: 1 meter

      Height: 0.7 meters

      Ottoman: 0.85 * 1 * 0.43H meters

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