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  • Pinebrook

    a fusion of rustic allure and contemporary comfort. Inspired by the rugged beauty of pine forests, this sofa brings the essence of nature indoors. Crafted with the finest materials, the "Pinebrook Sofa" showcases the raw, textured appeal of distressed pine wood, evoking a sense of adventure and natural elegance. Its deep, plush cushions adorned with earth-toned fabrics invite you to relax and unwind, reminiscent of resting under the cool shade of pine trees. The sofa's unique design, featuring subtle pinecone motifs, pays homage to the evergreen forests. With the "Pinebrook Sofa" as the centerpiece of your living space, you can bask in the charm of the outdoors while enjoying the modern comforts of home, creating a cozy retreat that embraces both nature and contemporary living.

    • Dimensions

      Depth: 1.05 meters

      Height: 0.67 meters

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