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  • Nuvola

    Experience the epitome of modern living with our sleek sofa.
    Embrace the art of simplicity with its minimalist design, elevating any space with a clean, timeless look. Sink into unparalleled comfort as plush cushions invite you to unwind. Discover a harmonious blend of aesthetics and coziness, perfect for those who appreciate understated elegance and relaxation.

    • Dimensions

      Corner piece: 1.05 * 1.05 * 0.6H meters

      Middle piece: 0.8 * 1.05 * 0.6H meters

      Ottoman: 1.05 * 1.05 * 0.45H meters

    • Combinations

      The marshmallow sofa can be ordered by piece.  

      Corner: $1600 each

      Middle: $1200 each

      Ottoman: $1100 each


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